Park City Transit Center

Old Town Intermodal Transit Center, City of Park City, Utah

Expedition Project Management, LLC a legacy company of JCS-OREGON was the project manager for the City of Park City, UT for the planning, design, and construction of this more than $9,200,000 project funded in large part by the Federal Transit Department.

  • Design & construction of a $9.2M Transit Center in Historic Old Town Park City in preparation for the 2002 Winter Olympics
  • Environmental remediation of the old mill site, inclluding removal of the hottest material and capping on site of the less severly contaminated material.
  • Reconstruction of a Y-intersection on State Hwy 224 into a modern roundabout
  • Project separated into multiple contracts each with date milestones incentivized for successful completion to allow critical holiday access
  • Key was on-time completion of the City Offices main parking lot
  • Work required remediation of a 2-acre silver mill by partial soil removal and capping
  • Massive retaining walls required over $1M of stone facing to match an old foundation wall which was on the list of historic places and was itself reconstructed